The Feast
Advice from a Worshiper. Take it or Leave It.

I just read a blog by the drummer of United Pursuit Band. He spoke about the origins of the song “Fill Me Up” (one of my favorites). It started as a prayer, and he didn’t even consider it a real song. It’s only a few lines. It’s just not your traditional song (verse one, chorus, verse two, chorus, bridge, etc..) He was blessed that God would take something that seems insignificant like a half written song (in his eyes anyway) and multiply it. It’s so inspiring to me. 

I’m not a traditional kind of person, and I keep trying to fit my unconventional personality into this perfect mold. It’s not working very well. I have attempted to write songs and it hardly ever works… I feel pressure to write certain words, have the right amount of words (whatever that means), and have a pretty normal melody behind it all. I haven’t been able to do it… Mostly because I give up before I get very far. I have lyrics floating around in my head that can go with whatever chord progression I want them to. ha. But they aren’t traditional, and they come from a very intimate and vulnerable place that I only experience when I am with my God. It’s scary to share them with people. It’s like reading out loud for everyone to hear, a love note you wrote to your husband. With all of that said, the fact that I am scared to be transparent gets my attention.

I can feel Jesus telling me to share what I have. I’m scared. He keeps whispering.

What you have is such a gift that I want you to share with everyone. My grace and favor rests on it. Stop hiding.

Side Note: I am currently listening to “Come to Me” by Jenn Johnson…. WOW! It’s perfect.

I guess what I’m saying is, I would rather write one half song that Jesus loves to hear people sing, then write a perfectly structured song that has no anointing on it. Now that I know that… I guess I should go spend more time with Jesus, because that seems to be the only place lyrics come. And the fear of being vulnerable or transparent will change when I trust Him more, and realize I have nothing to be scared of. ha.

Advice from a girl struggling to write worship songs: Get out of your box, stop being scared to write unconventional lyrics with unconventional chords progressions, sound like you and not everyone else, worship is intimate and can only come from intimacy with Him. Don’t be scared to bare your heart.  

I think that’s it. Take it or leave it. 

-Brook Anderson, Worship Leader at Encounter Community Church